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Marydee Mock has been working in the log home industry for over 10 years and has been a certified dealer for Katahdin Cedar Log Homes since 2002. Her interest in log homes started just where everyone's begins... with a dream of living the log home lifestyle. The steps she took along this journey are the same many of you will follow.

Choosing Your Floorplan

Whether you choose one of our more than 400 existing floor plans, carefully drafted to meet nearly every lifestyle, have Marydee design one on your directions, or simply walk in with a pad of paper and your sketches, working hand-in-hand with the expertise of Katahdin's professional in-house Design Team and your prospective builders, we will develop a floorplan that best suits your needs and dreams.

Marydee can refer you to a team of experienced and qualified builders/craftsmen she has successfully worked with in the NE PA region encompassing the counties of Susquehanna, Wayne, Wyoming, Lackawanna, Pike, Luzerne, Carbon, Monroe and surrounding areas. Working closely with a highly energetic realtor, Marydee assists her clients with finding land. She can also help buyers qualify for financing by connecting them with national lending institutions. The superior team of experts in our Oakfield Maine office and Marydee's successful dealership and builder network is a win/win combination for anyone considering building a high quality White Cedar Log Home in NE PA!

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Preliminary Steps in Building Your Dream Log Home
(We offer Turnkey Solutions too!)

Here's the possible order of the steps you'll go through as you prepare for the building of your Katahdin Cedar Log Home. Please keep in mind, every township varies in their codes & requirements. The best place to start this whole process is by contacting your ZONING OFFICER or CODE OFFICIAL for your township. For contact information, look in the phone book blue pages under "local govt." or in the business white pages for individual township listings. If you are unsure and would like us to handle these details, please call today!

  1. LAND PURCHASE – If the prior owner hasn't obtained a perc test or soils report, include a favorable perc as a contingency on the purchase.
  2. PERC TEST – This test may determine the location of your house. If a General Contractor (GC) has been hired, he may handle the perc test also.
  3. CHOOSE GC OR BUILDER – Marydee can provide a list of qualified log home builders.
  4. SURVEYOR – The surveyor prepares a site plan showing location of septic system, well, house, & entrance road. (Some building code offices allow the home owner to prepare their own site plan according to guidelines they provide.) Site plan becomes part of the application for a building permit.
  5. BUILDING PERMITS – (ex. well, septic/perc test, electric, plumbing) Preliminary Plans can be provided from Katahdin for permitting purposes.
  6. ACCESS DRIVEWAY & CLEARING / PREPARATION OF BUILDING SITE – Can also be done in initial stages by the homeowner.
  7. EXCAVATION – After permits are approved, the GC or SURVEYOR can mark the site for the EXCAVATOR who will make the driveway, clear the site, & dig the foundation.
  8. FOUNDATION – The foundation is constructed.

Comments & Testimonials

Dear Marydee,

Quite frankly, where do we begin? Our recent experience in dealing with both you and Katahdin was well beyond expectations. Your patience, efficiency and attitude helped make our dream of owning a log home a reality. From the time we met you at the Valley Forge Log Home show where you spent all the time we needed in order to get our questions answered to the tour of your own log home, we knew that we were making the right choice in working with you. We appreciated your timely responses to our questions and design changes. The fact that you were available seven days a week was more than we could have asked for. When we had engineering concerns or needed help with ideas, you not only gave us answers but provided alternatives so that we could have options and choices. Your interest in our project made us feel special and we always had the feeling that our best interests were always a priority.

Secondly, let's address Katahdin Cedar Log Homes and their ability to deliver what was expected. The quality and timely delivery were impeccable. We appreciated their warm welcome when we took our trip to the plant in Oakfield, ME. Everyone and I mean everyone, afforded us all the time we needed and the factory tour really helped us understand what we could encounter and what we could and could not do.

In closing, we have a beautiful home thanks to your efforts as well as Katahdin. We could go on and on and words couldn't measure up to our complete satisfaction. Feel free to have potential customers call us so we can spread the word. It is easy to explain why we were so satisfied with the service from both you and Katahdin.


~ Tom and Pat Bonikowski, February 24, 2009

To whom it may concern,

We, Donald and Eileen Savidge, would like to express the great appreciation given to us by our Katahdin sales representative, Marydee Mock.

Not only did she provide knowledgeable information to us when we were in the planning stages of our log home, but followed through in every aspect of our building the home ourselves. The follow-through she provided gave us a sense of someone backing the product sold to us every inch of the way. So often in today's world, items are sold to people without any knowledge of the product or even any concern as to whether their product stood up to today's competition. Never did we feel that was happening in the construction of our log home. Marydee offered here support and expertise in every step of building.

Experiencing such a warm and wonderful purchase through Marydee's knowledge of Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, we would recommend her to anyone asking us for advice on a Cedar log home.

Thank You, Sincerely

~ Donald & Eileen Savidge, August 6, 2008

To whom it may concern,

This is a letter of recommendation for Marydee Mock, of Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. I built a Katahdin Cedar Log Home in 2004, and was exceptionally pleased with Marydee's attention to detail and time schedules. She went out of her way to be sure we had all the proper paperwork in place to meet our deadlines, and was also calming and helpful when the stresses of juggling multiple contractors and dates became overwhelming.

When building my home, I found the quality of professionalism and craftsmanship to be the most reassuring traits my contractors had; and Marydee ranked right up there with the best of them.

I could not have asked for a better log home dealer representative than Marydee, and I highly recommend her – she just happens to come along with a great company like Katahdin Cedar Log Homes.

~ Janet Bryden, February 24, 2005


I just want to say thank you for the excellent service you and Katahdin provided in helping me build my log garage. It is the sample for the addition and renovation for my cabin.

From the time I met you as the Katahdin representative, I had a confidence in your product. I had no idea it would be so easy to acquire the log siding I wanted. With your representation to Katahdin, everything went smoothly. From the time I ordered, to the delivery, and the rush order of material that I overlooked, your service was outstanding.

My General Contractor, Jerry Dunham, was very pleased with the quality and appearance also. So much so, he has brought some of his customers up to see the finished product.

Your knowledge of log building was very helpful in deciding how to seal and treat the wood. 

I wanted a garage for storage. Now my wife wants to make it a carriage house. I guess I'm going to build that addition and renovate my cabin real soon, or lose my garage to the family real quick.

I'll be back for more lumber. You can count on that. Wait till you see what we do to the cabin.

~ Thanks Again, Ray & Helene Shoemaker, March 13, 2006

Hello Marydee!

Almost one year has passed since I [began enjoying] my new Katahdin home, which was constructed in the peaceful and beautiful community of Woodledge Village, PA. On behalf of my family and myself I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for your highly professional and benevolent involvement at all stages of my project implementation. As a result, we now live in the house, which matches all our needs and tastes... Many passing by cars slow down when the community members and their guests drive in front of it. I wish you and your company further success in providing PA residents with great service and the quality of log homes you skillfully achieved. Again thank you very much for your help and involvement.

~ Gregory Gorbulsky - Happy Homeowner, April 26, 2007


I haven't had the opportunity to thank you for all your help and support during the purchase and construction of our log home.  I must first say that all the material and supplies in the Katahdin Log home package were of the highest quality.  During our early stages of design your knowledge and experience helped greatly.  You made a very difficult time quite easy.  Knowing that you would be there from start to finish, answering questions and coming on site when needed helped a lot.  From times when sub-contractors were needed to stain selections, what ever the concern of ours was, you were there to help.  Thank you again for your professional and personal help through our building process.  You made a very nervous time in our lives go without a hitch.

~ Bobbie & Charlie Kucmyda, August 22, 2007

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